Roslagens IF på besök i Finland

I helgen är Roslagens IF på besök i Helsingfors för att möta Finlands U16 landslag. Roslagen och Finland spelar med två lag vardera och det spelas totalt 8 matcher på lördag och söndag.

Nysatsning i Bjärred

Efter skolvisningar i Alfredshällskolan och Rutsborgskolan var det i helgen Öppet hus i Rutsborgshallen i Bjärred för alla som ville testa landhockey. ”Det gick jättebra”, säger Felicia Nilsson. ”Både barnen och föräldrarna var mycket positiva och verkar vilja stanna. Vi ska fortsätta med våra skolvisningar även denna veckan och har en till ’prova på dag’ nu på söndag”.

Föreningen uppmärksammades också i lokaltidningen Lommabladet och i Sydsvenskan, Sveriges fjärde största tidning.

Mer information om Bjärreds Landhockeyklubb och alla andra landhockeyföreningar i Sverige hittar du direkt här på!

Utomhus 2015, licenser & nytt postnummer

Efter samtal med klubbar där önskemål har varit att utveckla landhockey utomhus för seniorer och ge möjlighet till gamla som nya spelare att delta i sporten mer än det i dag har Tävlingskommittén upprättat en preliminär plan för utomhussäsongen 2015. Svar önskas innan 31 januari till [email protected]

Utomhus 2015 (pdf)

2015 stänger Folksam ned sin licenstjänst. Det innebär att Svenska Landhockeyförbundet (SLHF) har fått se över och ta fram en alternativ lösning för licenshantering och försäkring. Från och med den 1 januari 2015 ansöker föreningarna om licens för deras aktiva utövare (dvs alla i föreningen som spelar landhockey – barn, juniorer och seniorer) genom IdrottOnline. Licens– och försäkringsavgiften för vuxna har sänkts från 175kr till 150kr. Licensavgiften för spelare under 15 år slopas helt.

Svenska Landhockeyförbundets kansli har fått nytt postnummer! Det nya postnumret till Kviberg är 415 28 (ersätter tidigare postnummret 415 82) och det gäller från och med den 1 januari. Adressen förblir densamma, alltså Nedre Kaserngården 5.

Svenska Landhockeyförbundets välkommnar förbundets medlemmar till årsmöte i Jönköping den 26:e april 2015. Väl mött i Jönköping!

EHCN 2014: Day 5 Lund

Friday 27th June in Lund, Sweden brought the coaches and the players a blistering hot day, making the main emphasis of the day to constantly rehydrate. The day started with a diluted version of the game “British Bull Dogs” as a warm up exercise, in an attempt to integrate games common within the English culture. Next a dribbling exercise was performed whereby the players had to avoid one another in the semi-circle, which was later progressed into a game of invasion- which coincidently brought out the competitive side of the players.  Later we taught the children how to perform basic skills such as the V-Drag, hitting and passing, where they developed the sequence of movements very quickly. Then we progressed these techniques into a shooting exercise where the children enjoyed the feeling of scoring. This certainly brought about a lot of smiles throughout the group. Once ability levels were established the more experienced players were taken to one side to practise reverse hitting, which was seen to them as an exciting prospect due to the lack of familiarity with the hitting style. After which we began the “Magic Hockey” session to encourage the players to reveal their creative side with tricks involving keeping the ball in the air, round the world and getting the ball in the hook. All of which is not common in the popular game of indoors that seems to dominate Swedish Hockey. Then we progressed this to our version of tennis hockey where a game was played to show off what they had learnt during magic hockey. Again the more experienced ones were very keen to progress onto the aerial technique where a lot of which got the pattern of movements very easily. During this time the younger children were enchanted with the new game they had learnt, with the most common phase of the day being “let’s play bulldogs again”.

The group then enjoyed a one hour break, where a very kind pizza delivery man brought the group of 17 a pizza each which went down a treat.

Throughout the second half of the day the emphasis was placed on the coaching side of things, with an attempt to inspire and guide new coaches to hopefully carry on the good work the Nordiac Caravans had already produced. During the session a brief was given similar to that of a theory session to instil confidence in the young coaches so that they could deliver a drill effectively. All the young coaches thrived on the challenge and used all the information given to them and successfully informed players about the activity and also imposed questions on the players to why they were doing the drill in relation to a game like situation.

Finally we ended the day with a competitive game, where conditions were imposed to force the players to use the skills previously taught. They did not fail in impressing us with the amount of information and techniques they remembered. In summary all the players soaked up all the information given and demonstrated a clear progression from the start of the day.

EHCN 2014: Day 4 Göteborg

Today we had a chance to train on a beautiful sport complex in the centre of Göteburg, with many sport pitches among which also the hockey pitch of Valhalla. 

This day we started a bit different. Goran did the reverse stick clinic with the younger players, while Tomislav took a couple of older players (young leaders) for a coach the coaches session. The aim was to give them guidance into basic coaching of the youngsters, so they can help in youth development of their clubs. The both morning sessions we ended up with games with hockey magic balls, using international rules. This provided some spectacular moves, creative and fun play.

After the lunch break we continued with Hockey Magic. Players were also here invited to develop and preform their own tricks, which they did. So we as coaches also learned something. Modern defending skills was the topic for the next central session, as the players asked for it themselves. One could see they were motivated to learn these skills as well. The final exercise was the famous and dangerous Tunnel of Terror. The players kept the good focus though and everybody enjoyed this challenge. In the last game match players were eager to show what they learned these two days. There was a lot of positive energy in the air and even we were not that tired after long four days, because of the energy we got from the kids.

We really hope the we have inspired the players and the coaches to give a new impulse to the Swedish hockey. We want to thank Svenska Landhockeyförbundet for organizing the Caravan, the EHF for supporting and special thanks for all the parents taking care of the two of us here.

The Nordic Caravan doesn´t stop here though. Josh and Matt are taking over tomorrow in Lund. Have fun! Hejdå from us.

Goran and Tomislav

EHCN 2014: Day 3 Lerum

The Nordic Caravan in Sweden can really be proud of it’s name. Using modern caravan we travelled to the east side so we can start the third day just outside Göteburg, in Lerum. Lerum is a new club, with only youth members so far, but doing really good development work. Since last year they have a half pitch with good artificial grass very suitable for hockey (that is not always the case in Sweden).  Together with good weather and enthusiastic players (from Lerum and Walhalla) we had all ingredients for a great clinic and so it was…

We saw some familiar faces from last year and some new kids on the block. This group was a bit smaller than in Stockholm, but also a bit older than in Stockholm. Therefore we were able to move to the rhythm, techniques and exercises to a higher level. We added the latin dribble (do you know what that is?) and made different interactive exercises to improve the learning effect. During Hockey Magic we saw some good talent and in the afternoon we explored the 3D world. Goran was working with the goalkeepers and before the end match we also invited three parents, who were supporting us the whole day, to join us for the crossbar challenge, which was a lot of fun.

We were really happy with what the players have learned today and how they enjoyed the sessions. Tomorrow we will meet the most of them again, only this time it will be in centrum of Göteborg at the home pitch of Valhalla

Goran and Tomislav

EHCN 2014: Day 2 Stockholm

All rain was behind us and a new day has begun. Rather warm and sunny everybody were eager to start off the second day of Nordic Caravan.

Morning main topic was backhand clinic. With methodical approach kids were discovering more and more about backhand hit rhythm, positioning the ball towards body and balance. During games kids were very successful in performing forehand hit and also at some basic tactics key points like paying wide and deep. Improvement was noticeable and kids felt that. 

After a lunch break we continued with HockeyMagic tricks. Kids were also making their own tricks and presenting them to the rest of the group. Imagination and creativity took place. Fun and smiles on kids faces as well. A good ingredients for growth and joy. We also had time to show-and-do simple but important eye-hand coordination exercises. In the very end of training session match took place and it look like kids just can´t have enough of it.

Caravan continues. It took 3 hours and 500km by train to reach a new destination. Another place another people, same passion. Goodbye Stockholm, hello Goteborg!!

Source: Goran Jamicic

EHCN 2014: Day 1 Stockholm

The Scandinavian hockey adventure started today in the suburb of Stockholm. It’s mid of the summer, in Sweden that means today 11 degrees and rain almost the whole day. However the young Swedish players have a big passion for hockey to keep them warm the whole day. Roslagens IF is our host here with twenty their players and two coming from Nacka.

EHCN 14 2In the morning we covered the basic hockey position, rhythm and change of rhythm in some different techniques. More focus we put on hitting, as the Swedish outdoor season is very short, so the players enjoy to improve especially typical outdoor. Short grip Australian style hit become very popular. We wonder why ;-) The morning session ended with small games with different goals providing a good fun, but also creative skills.

After a nice lunch, we did some HockeyMagic. Nice to see that some of the kids remembered the tricks from last year, so we had to inspire them with new. In the afternoon we trained the techniques from this morning in game situations. We finished with two big games in which players were putting in practice the things they learned today. Especially Australian style.

EHCN 14 3After the games, the kids went home, but this wasn’t the end of the day for us. As in the evening we had a coaching session for the coaches of the local club. The rain didn’t stop, it stared even harder, but that didn’t disturb the passionate coaches. We did a practical and very interactive session, giving the coaches the chance to coach, put in their ideas, ask questions, use the skills. It was really enjoyable session for all parties. You could see the sparkling eyes of the coaches eager to put the new ideas into practice. Knowledge, passion, inspiration… Let’s celebrate hockey!

Goran and Tomislav

Glöm inte att anmäla er till årets EHCN!

Förlängd anmälningstid för årets Eurohockey Caravan Nordic! Till och med måndag 9/6 kan du fortfarande anmäla dig till karavanen via länken:

Missa inte grymt bra landhockeydagar! Kom och spela med internationella coacher! För dig över 15 år är detta i år också ett jättebra ledarutbildningstillfälle!

Mer information: EHCN 2014



Svenska landhockeyförbundet söker nu sommarjobbare till Katrineholmsandan SUMMER CAMP!
Katrineholmsandan är ett idrottsläger för killar och tjejer i åldern 8-12 år, under v.27 i Katrineholm.
Vi söker minst två personer som tillsammans kan visa upp och lära ut landhockey till ungdomarna 
på idrottslägret mån, tis, tors och fre v. 27.
Satsningen är ett samarbete med Sörmlandsidrotten.
Ledarna erbjuds genom idrottslyftet arvode samt gratis boende i Katrineholm under veckan.
För mer information kontakta [email protected].
Sista ansökningsdag: 25:e maj.