EHCN 2014: Day 3 Lerum

The Nordic Caravan in Sweden can really be proud of it’s name. Using modern caravan we travelled to the east side so we can start the third day just outside Göteburg, in Lerum. Lerum is a new club, with only youth members so far, but doing really good development work. Since last year they have a half pitch with good artificial grass very suitable for hockey (that is not always the case in Sweden).  Together with good weather and enthusiastic players (from Lerum and Walhalla) we had all ingredients for a great clinic and so it was…

We saw some familiar faces from last year and some new kids on the block. This group was a bit smaller than in Stockholm, but also a bit older than in Stockholm. Therefore we were able to move to the rhythm, techniques and exercises to a higher level. We added the latin dribble (do you know what that is?) and made different interactive exercises to improve the learning effect. During Hockey Magic we saw some good talent and in the afternoon we explored the 3D world. Goran was working with the goalkeepers and before the end match we also invited three parents, who were supporting us the whole day, to join us for the crossbar challenge, which was a lot of fun.

We were really happy with what the players have learned today and how they enjoyed the sessions. Tomorrow we will meet the most of them again, only this time it will be in centrum of Göteborg at the home pitch of Valhalla

Goran and Tomislav