EHCN 2014: Day 2 Stockholm

All rain was behind us and a new day has begun. Rather warm and sunny everybody were eager to start off the second day of Nordic Caravan.

Morning main topic was backhand clinic. With methodical approach kids were discovering more and more about backhand hit rhythm, positioning the ball towards body and balance. During games kids were very successful in performing forehand hit and also at some basic tactics key points like paying wide and deep. Improvement was noticeable and kids felt that. 

After a lunch break we continued with HockeyMagic tricks. Kids were also making their own tricks and presenting them to the rest of the group. Imagination and creativity took place. Fun and smiles on kids faces as well. A good ingredients for growth and joy. We also had time to show-and-do simple but important eye-hand coordination exercises. In the very end of training session match took place and it look like kids just can´t have enough of it.

Caravan continues. It took 3 hours and 500km by train to reach a new destination. Another place another people, same passion. Goodbye Stockholm, hello Goteborg!!

Source: Goran Jamicic