EHCN 2014: Day 1 Stockholm

The Scandinavian hockey adventure started today in the suburb of Stockholm. It’s mid of the summer, in Sweden that means today 11 degrees and rain almost the whole day. However the young Swedish players have a big passion for hockey to keep them warm the whole day. Roslagens IF is our host here with twenty their players and two coming from Nacka.

EHCN 14 2In the morning we covered the basic hockey position, rhythm and change of rhythm in some different techniques. More focus we put on hitting, as the Swedish outdoor season is very short, so the players enjoy to improve especially typical outdoor. Short grip Australian style hit become very popular. We wonder why ;-) The morning session ended with small games with different goals providing a good fun, but also creative skills.

After a nice lunch, we did some HockeyMagic. Nice to see that some of the kids remembered the tricks from last year, so we had to inspire them with new. In the afternoon we trained the techniques from this morning in game situations. We finished with two big games in which players were putting in practice the things they learned today. Especially Australian style.

EHCN 14 3After the games, the kids went home, but this wasn’t the end of the day for us. As in the evening we had a coaching session for the coaches of the local club. The rain didn’t stop, it stared even harder, but that didn’t disturb the passionate coaches. We did a practical and very interactive session, giving the coaches the chance to coach, put in their ideas, ask questions, use the skills. It was really enjoyable session for all parties. You could see the sparkling eyes of the coaches eager to put the new ideas into practice. Knowledge, passion, inspiration… Let’s celebrate hockey!

Goran and Tomislav