EHCN2013 Day6

EHCN 2013: Days 6 & 7

Day 6

Just like all Scandinavian countries hockey is in Denmark also a small sport. However they do have more players and better facilities than in Sweden. More clubs with their own hockey pitch and also a club house, just like yesterday in Sorbymagle. Today we were at the hockey club Copenhagen, close to the center of the Danish capital. This club trains on a sand-based pitch about half of the size of a normal pitch, however for our training sessions it was just perfect.

We split the group in two. Dick and Philip took the local Danish kids with some parents who were helping with translation, as these kids were quite young, while I took care of the older Swedish group. The atmosphere was good and both groups were challenged and their own level. For the afternoon we prepared a session with drags and turns. A nice thing was that Dick and Philip changed roles and Dick was now Philip’s assistant. We finished the session with hockey magic and final games. Furthermore we must say all the parents were really friendly and have been taking good care of us. We met also the president of the club and talked about the possibilities to develop their coaching structure in the future. At last but not least Sofia and Ella had found it important to check how the local hospital was organized and luckily came back with positive results.

Back at our headquarters in Slagelse, the magnificent eight (Swedish kids travelling with us) made again a good dinner. Some beach hockey was played and everybody was relaxing. Tomorrow is the last day (how can it be?). The Caravan goes to Gentofte.

Dick and Tommie

EHCN2013 Day7Day 7
Gentofte, Denmark, suburb of Copenhagen, a local hockey club with a very special touch: a blue semi-water pitch. It makes one think about London 2012. The pitch lies here since October last year. That way Gentofte hockey club also made a step from a football artificial pitch to a real hockey pitch, with their very own new club house next to it. We have seen much different hockey conditions along the Caravan, I can assure you. Four club coaches were already waiting for us as we arrived on the pitch and the young chairman of the club was busy organizing lunch, materials and everything around.

For this last day we prepared again a completely different clinic. In the morning session we did a number of good combination drills, with turnovers, speeding-up and non-verbal communication on the field. In the Hockey Magic Show some totally new tricks were demonstrated. The coaches were busy helping eager children to master them. In the afternoon we had a good fun program, with different focus drills. Just before the last session all (brave) coaches took part in the legendry Tunnel of Terror drill. Jaw-dropping reaction of the kids said more than enough. Later on they got a chance to take part in the Tunnel (with a bit less Terror ;-) In the final matches Sweden won from Denmark or was it other way around? In any case the hockey sport was the biggest winner. Children and coaches with an inspired look in their eyes, smiling faces, hugs and high fives… the Hockey Magic that goes beyond ball and stick.

A special thanks goes to Sofia and Ella for the whole organization of this fourth Nordic Caravan, bringing hockey TO the players, for all the funny moments and for taking good care of us along the way. Tack!

Dick and Tommie