Livestream: SM-slutspelet i Indoorhockey  

söndag 17 mars 9-16:30

I det här inlägget hittar du information om hur du kan följa livestreamen och livetickern från SM-slutspelet i Indoorhockey som spelas i Lund i helgen.

Vi kommer att använda Ustream för att livestreama årets SM-slutspel – Du hittar SLHFs uStream kanal på följande webbadress:


A short summary for all of our international visitors! First of all, thanks for your interest and welcome to, the official website of the Swedish Hockey Association. As you may understand, we’re offering a live stream from the Swedish Indoorhockey Championships which will be played in Lund this weekend. Before we explain to you how you can follow the action, we would like you to know that the live stream is scheduled for 9-16 CET on Sunday. 

You can follow them directly on this website by clicking the appropriate link in the first box in the left column. Alternatively, you can also follow it on SLHFs channel, or by searching for ”Landhockey” in their mobile apps. Please feel free to comment on Facebook or mention us on Twitter if you are following the action, we’d love to hear from you!